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other; Let us show the truth by our actions."
1 John 3:18


          We offer support groups and play groups for various diagnosis groups.  We have therapists providing the child care during the play group while the parents meet in another room.  We provide skilled child care to eleviate any concerns with having someone look after your child.  This allows the parents to have a care free time together to learn, bond, and lean on others that are sharing the same journey.  You can follow our support group schedule on our message board.  Food and childcare are free, so please call to RSVP to ensure we have adequate staffing and food.

          We raise $$ all year long to fund the "Imagine Program"  so that we can provide the classes & camps for as little cost to families as possible.  Our goal is to be able to offer the whole summer program for free to maximize the number of children we can serve.



WE BELIEVE that children with special needs should be able to experience the types of fun, extracurricular activities in which their typically developing peers participate after school and during the summer.

WE BELIEVE that parents of children with special needs should have access to qualified care for their child in order to spend time with their spouse, go out with friends, and attend social events.

WE BELIEVE that families of children with special needs have complex lives, and can find valuable support through social gatherings, parent-to-parent mentor relationships and specific support groups with others who share their experience.

WE BELIEVE that siblings of children with special needs have a unique and sometimes difficult role in the family and can benefit from supportive, sibling-to-sibling mentor relationships with older children who have “been there.” They also need a safe environment to express their frustrations and fears, have fun and feel special themselves.

          These classes and camps are for children with special needs to HAVE FUN!  They get to participate in all the summer fun that comes from group activities in a setting that is set up for success by having community teachers come in and teach under the direction of therapists, thus creating a realistic group that is also safe and structured for your child's individual needs.  These classes and camps include, but are not limited to yoga, dance, all sports, martial arts, cheerleading, outdoor/field day games, music wiggles, instrument makers, group games, artsy play, and movement makers.