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Mini Miracles

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other; Let us show the truth by our actions."
1 John 3:18

Simulated Apartment Environment

Transition to Adulthood

Mini Miracles offers a young adult transition to adulthood program for individuals with special needs. This program strives to meet each young adult’s unique needs and help equip them for the transition from teenager/young adult to adulthood. The transition program focuses on foundational self care skills for those who would benefit from improving these areas including: hygiene management, dressing skills, and safe meal preparation. Additionally, the transition program addresses many independent living skills necessary for a successful transition to adulthood such as:

 *  Apartment management in simulated apartment environment complete with bedroom, living room, laundry        room, and kitchen area.

*  Job skills including: resume writing, mock applications, mock interviews, personality and career assessments

*  Driving skills: including sensory processing assessments, visual training, license testing preparation,                   simulated driving with force feedback steering wheel on computer simulated city environment

 * Budgeting including: financial management, check writing, banking practice, interest, simulated                         salary/budget activities

 * Grocery/shopping/nutrition including: creating grocery list/budget, shopping for items at nearby local                 grocery stores, teaching healthy food habits

* Dating/Social skills: appropriate conversations and interactions, listening skills, professional interactions vs        informal interactions

* Volunteering and volunteer opportunities

* College/Trade school prep: school research, applications, student loan, college opportunities and programs for    individuals with special needs

* Self Determination/Self advocacy

 This program offers a variety of opportunities for individuals  at all skill levels. There are group opportunities with individuals being grouped based upon skill level with added social interaction and companionship. There are also one on one opportunities for targeted intervention addressing skills at a more personal level. Please contact either the Bristol or Johnson City offices for more information.